A Memorial to Bowling Friends

A Memorial to Bowling Friends
by Louise Sinclair

We pause a moment to remember
Those who are not with us today,
And reflect on how they have touched our lives
For whatever time they could stay.

A thoughtful gesture, a joke, a smile
Shared with a bowling friend
Makes our sport well worthwhile;
But every season must end.

For some the season is over forever,
They’ll never again play the game.
But we wish for them wherever they are,
A mark in every frame.


Maria Beiro

David Boromei, Sr.

Joan Burleson

James Coker

Vito Costa

Nancy Crippen

Phillip Dunn

William "BC" Frye

Samuel Galando, Jr. 

Richard Gist

Edward J. Hopp

Ron Kunde

Margaret McLean

William L. Mowry

Jo Nichols

Russell E. Perusse

Janice E. Reilly

Pat Spencer

Jane R. Stine

James R. Walker

Joseph R. White

Stephen J. Wooten